4Wedding days are more fun with all of the bride and groom’s friends and family celebrating with them. The couple should express their thanks to them by giving wedding souvenirs that are meaningful and appreciated by guests.

Wedding souvenirs give guests a lasting memory of the wedding. Couples should think about giving as extravagant of souvenirs as their budget allows. Souvenirs do not need to be extravagant or expensive, but the thought counts.

Souvenirs need to be chosen that are original and meaningful to their families. If there is a theme to the wedding, souvenirs are a great way to complement the theme. Personalized souvenirs are popular because it is a fun way to add a personal stamp to the wedding day.

To get started on souvenir ideas, couples can look back at souvenirs they have received attending other weddings. Recent weddings will help couples gauge the trends and fashions to get ideas. But everyone should be unique in their souvenirs.

Look at the budget and figure out what can be afforded. Then choose a souvenir that couples want to present to their guests. Some couples present an inexpensive and personal souvenir to each guest. Other couples present more elaborate souvenirs to each couple or family. Creativity is important in souvenirs.

Whether deciding to give one souvenir per guest or per couple, be sure there are extra wedding souvenirs on hand. Some guests may want and take more than one or there may be unexpected last minute guests in attendance. Couples also send souvenirs to friends and family who are not able to attend the wedding.

If giving one souvenir per guest, each gift should be presented at each place setting or as part of the table centerpiece. If deciding to give each couple a souvenir, label the souvenir with the couple’s or family’s name and place them on a table so guests can pick them up upon entering the reception.

Children are usually given the same wedding souvenirs as adults, but couple have decided to give special souvenirs that children particularly enjoy. This can be a bag of sweets with a personalized label. It can also be cookies that the kids will enjoy. There are also other fun wedding souvenirs that kids will love.

Wedding souvenirs can be placed as part of table decorations and the overall theme of the reception as flowers, settings, and linen. It is a great way to say thank you to each person attending a wedding. The presentation as well as the gift itself should reflect the intentions. Thoughtfulness and creativity can speak volumes.

Souvenirs can be expensive, but people should not buy cheap souvenirs just to have something to give out. Cheap souvenirs are something that guests will never use, keep, or be worth money.

Even the simplest souvenir can mean something. Use the wedding souvenir to tell guests something about the couple’s unique story. Make sure the souvenir is properly packaged. More elaborate souvenirs can lose their luster with bad packaging.

Souvenirs could be personalized to add a handmade charm. The plastic wrapping and generic thank you tag can be thrown away for the couple to add their own ribbon, wedding tag, or label to make it their own.

Couples need to plan ahead. Whether the guest list is an intimate twenty or ambitious three hundred, the perfect wedding souvenir takes time. Couples need to give themselves plenty of time to find wedding souvenirs. The dream wedding souvenirs will come true if there is enough thought and planning put into them.

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