Many travelers ask themselves the question what to buy for a memory of their trip to Prague, in order to avoid imported crap and to get something really valuable, genuine, local and best of all hand-made.

There are two kinds of Prague souvenir you can get in Prague – those nice and those useful. Let’s examine the useful ones first.

First of all, there are T-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps, shopping bags and other kinds of apparel. Such souvenirs are useful and, at least when it comes to the motive, also genuine. If you select a reasonably expensive and quality product, you may expect it to be durable as well.

Unfortunately, the original motives printed on local T-shirts can be easily copied by mass-production digital printing companies who steal the design and offer it printed on-demand on their textile materials.

Then, there are wooden watches and other wooden products modeling the famous Prague Astronomical Clock. The Clock is by far the most attractive sight of Prague. It can be seen on the southern facade of the Prague Old Town Hall on the Old Town Square. There is huge crowd of tourists waiting for the hourly presentation of bells and moving figures in front of it all year round. A wooden watch can be a good useful souvenir in your living room.

These watches are designed and manufactured locally using special printing technic of local wood.

Last but not least, there are thousands of Bohemia Crystal glass products. Bohemia Crystal is definitely the most renowned local Czech product worldwide. It may be boring to the locals but still overwhelming to all tourists as there is no other place in the world where such high-quality lead crystal glass can be manufactured and decorated.

It is available in numerous shops in the city center but there is one that carries out the best pieces – the Erpet Store on the corner of Melantrichova Street and Old Town Square.

Beer is also kind of typical Czech product that has hardly any competition worldwide. Yet it is not a souvenir – you better enjoy it onsite!

Then there are the things that are (just) nice. Here you need to be careful to select items that were really designed and manufactured locally and not imported from Asia. You better go for labels like “Miniatury Art”, “suvenyry.com” and “Aureta Figural”. These are the local vendors who design and manufacture their products locally.

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