I wanted to take my wife on a vacation we would never forget. We went to Cabo San Lucas and stayed in one of the luxury vacation homes in Cabo. It was beachfront property. At the end of the terrace you stepped right into the water. I am not so much for swimming in what I call wild water. I am more of a swimming pool and spa kind of guy. My wife is like that too. We enjoy seeing the ocean and enjoy the beach. Maybe we will even wade a bit into the water. However, when it comes to swimming, we go find a pool. Our cabin had everything including spa tubs. One had a waterfall.

The place is ultra-luxurious from the kitchen to the furnishings. This is one of the beachfront luxury vacation homes in Cabo. I cannot even compare it to the best hotels I have ever stayed in. It is way beyond that. This is the kind of place you would own if you were a sports megastar, Hollywood elite or the CEO of a huge company. We were able to rent this slice of luxury living for a week of vacationing. We did not have a honeymoon when we first got married, so this makes up for that and several years of not having any vacation time taken at all.

This is the kind of vacation where the sights, sounds and wonderful fragrances stick in your memory making you want to come back. It really was a week of blissful fun and relaxation. There was no hectic pace to anything, and we enjoyed every moment of it. We did not even take but a few pictures. Instead, we were in the moment enjoying it to the fullest extent possible. We did not even think until afterwards that we only took a few pictures. I think that is actually a sign of a truly engaging vacation.

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